About her


This is Babi whit 3 years old. At that age, she was already listening to a lot of music with her parents – that`s when a passion was born. Rock, pop, disco and MPB were the soundtrack of her childhood and since then she started to do everything listening to music. 

Queen, The Beatles, Barão Vermelho, Tina Turner, Sade, Chico Buarque, Titãs, Kid Abelha, Mariah Carey, Rolling Stones and many others classics of the 80`s and 90`s don`t leave her ears until today.  


About 22 years old she graduated in Social Communication and since then she works in this area.

Journalism was also a passion, but music has never been forgotten. Babi continued to enjoy Queen & Co., but pop was gaining ground in her heart. She was always very aware of the musical news and already loved to present new hits to her friends.


With her first job Babi started to have financial independence and made her first trip to Europe. When she arrived in Ibiza, her heart was conquered by the electronic music beats.

Babi enjoyed traveling so much that got addicted and whenever she can, travel around the world to expand her musical references.

Babi met the parties of Mykonos, Istanbul, Hvar, London, Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris, Prague, Budapest, Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Rome, Bangkok, Siem Reap, Hanoi, Bogota, Buenos Aires and many other places.


DJ life began after a huge reflection about her purpose in life: she discovered that she wanted to make people happy through the music.

Babi believes in the power of music as a transforming agent of the world in a better place.

Then, in 2014 she decided to do her first DJ course at Loop Sound School, Rio, focused on electronic music. The following year, her DJ career began to take its first steps and since thenBabi have held two professions.

In 2016, Babi decided to do another mixing course, this time to learn to play at turntables and scratching. At Eletrobase DJ Academy, Babi took class with big names in the hip hop scene – that’s when the style won her heart.


The curiosity as a journalist makes Babi an indefatigable researcher of songs and trends and she loves to cheering up the party with her daring sets. Babi likes to surprise the public with remixes of pop music (and those classics that she used to hear with her parents) with versions of tropical house, deep house and what else her creativity allows her to explore.


In 2020, Babi decided to focus on electronic music. Playing house, tech house and progressive house, her sets are full of energy and make everybody dance! In Mar, 2020 Babi did shows in Buenos Aires and during lockdown`s Covid-19 period, Babi had a weekly show in a London radio station and did plenty of livestreams to Italy.

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